Cadastral Surveying

TESCO has resident Licensed Land Surveyors to ensure the delivery of a cost effective and professional services to our clients. This is achieved through using the very latest technology in instruments, surveying software and quality systems. The main products of this service are

Engineering Surveying

TESCO provides Engineering Services to utility companies such as ZESCO (Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation), Councils and land developers. The main products of this service are:

Topographic Surveying

Mining Surveying

TESCO helps clients fulfil their dreams and ambitions in the mining sector by providing the following services:

Land Information Systems

Land Resource Management and Planning

TESCO provides its clients with an end-to-end project management solution for conversion of land into a working asset. The products of this service are:

Other Surveys

TESCO is able to work with clients to provide them any other specialized engineering survey or geometic solution according to their requirements. Some of the products:

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